4-H Alumni

At The Launch of Jamaica 4-H Clubs, Friends and Alumni Association

Mr. Chairman, we were grown to believe that at 70 years the average man would have exhausted nearly all his useful life and he would actually be in the departure lounge. The Jamaica 4-H clubs seem to defy that and instead / in fact, are giving birth to a new arm this day December 7, 2010. This new birth is the brain-child of the Island Advisory Council who in its wisdom has named it “The Jamaica 4-H Clubs Friends and Alumni Association”.
This child has been long overdue and will only bring greater joy, happiness, effectiveness, relevance and growth to the 4-H movement, as this worthy organization continue on its oath of nation building.
The steering committee of Mrs. Campbell, Miss McCormack, Messers Vermont, Bellamy and myself with guidance from our Executive Director have put together the aims and objectives of the association and this was presented at the annual general meeting of the Island Advisory Council on October 30, 2010. We will continue to do whatever is necessary until a proper meeting of legitimate members of this body elect its officers.

Aims and Objectives

  1. To enhance and expand the projects and programmes of the Jamaica 4-H Clubs.
  2. To create a medium through which members, friends and associates can keep track of each other, and work together for the common good.
  3. To create an environment in which persons who have benefitted from the movement, and well-wishers, can contribute to the 4-H Clubs in a formal and organized manner.
  4. To assist needy clubites, members and friends in their academic pursuits.
  5. To expand the involvement of the population and Diaspora in 4-H activity.
  6. To establish a social platform where people of like minds and interests can together at least annually to reflect on the past and strategize the way forward.
  7. To influence the Jamaica 4-H Clubs to be current and relevant.


Benefits To Members

  1. It helps to maintain contact with others who value 4-H Youth Development and its positive impact on youths, families, communities and country.
  2. It provides the opportunity to “stay in the loop” where 4-H programmes and directions are concerned.
  3. Offers assistance to members for scholastic purposes and or entrepreneurial endeavours that will enhance the work of the 4-H Clubs.
  4. Offers an opportunity to give back time, energy and money to an educational programme that made a positive difference in your life.
  5. Offers the satisfaction of watching youngsters develop in a positive way because of your contribution to their life.
  6. To receive discounts from corporate sponsors, quarterly news letters, invitation to any hosted galas or social events.
  7. The opportunity to serve the 4-H movement in an official capacity.


Life Member – $5000
Joint Member – $7500 (wife and husband)
Annual Member – $500

Students Annual

University – $300
Secondary – $200
Primary – $100

With a membership of 67,941 clubites, 4867 Leaders, 323 other, volunteers and thousands of friends and well-wishers. We can and will make a difference with the launch of this new arm of the Jamaica 4-H Clubs.

Copies of the document are available here tonight and so are pledges and application forms. These are being passed around by some charming friends of 4-H. You have the choice of pledging or paying now (of course we prefer the latter) but in any case we will be in touch with all of you who have filled out this form.

Winston Ritchie
Chairman 4-H Almuni