Island Advisory Council (New York)

This group was founded on June 29, 2009, at the Jamaica Ex-Police Association Sports Club by Mr. Stanley Williams, who was at the time Chairman of the St. Thomas 4-H Parish Advisory Council, and was vacationing in New York.
During this period, Jamaica and the United States of America were experiencing economic depression. However, Jamaica was worst position, so it was difficult to find sponsorship for 4-H activities.
Mr. Stanley Williams made request for the Jamaicans who were past 4-Hers to make a contribution of $1.00US per week which was equivalent to $50.00US per year. This idea was well received by the group which was six (6) members at the time.

Acknowledgement was sought from the Secretariat for the group. The group started to make cash contribution of Fifty Thousand Dollars (J$50,000.00) towards sponsorship for the National Achievement Day.
This year, on our 75th Anniversary, the group has increased its sponsorship to $75,000 to our National Achievement Expo 2015.
All members received Certificate of Appreciation from the Jamaica 4-H Clubs and the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries for the contribution to the National Exposition. 

The members are as follows:

  • Mr. Gladstone Samuels      –    Chairperson
  • Mr. Stanley Williams           –     Founder/ Liaison Officer
  • Mr. Beres McKenzie
  • Mr. Dougal Williams
  • Mr. Denzil Jackson
  • Mr. Linval Ellis  
  • Mr. Alvin Kennedy
  • Mr. Neville Flowers
  • Mr. Nick Johnson
  • Mr. Peter Davisdon
  • Mr. David Campbell
  • Mr. Anthony Bellinfanti
  • Mr. Charles Bannerbie
  • Mr. Audley Smith
  • Ms. Veronica Thompson
  • Ms. Shirley Marshall